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Here you will find an offer to invest in the future. The combination of proven technologies with innovative solutions is giving birth to a completely new approach to passenger and freight transport.


SkyWay is an above-ground unmanned electric transport that travels on high-strength pod rails.

The SkyWay track surface is laid on supports that take up little space on the ground and do not affect the ecosystem.

SkyWay track construction requires less money than any other mode of transport.

The aerodynamics of SkyWay’s means of transport allow speeds of up to 500 km/h.

A presentation of the SkyWay project can be viewed here:


Today, the SkyWay project is receiving development funding through crowdfunding.

You can read more info on the project’s official website:

The project uses crowdfunding as a funding method. It allows more people to get a stake in a fast-growing company before it goes to market. You can invest a minimum of $50 or more in the project, starting at $250, spreading the payment over 10 months.

You can read more info here:

There are several principles by which investments are made.

SkyWay technology is leading to a new era in transport.

SkyWay’s transport infrastructure can be built in locations with any terrain. The elements of its architecture have a large number of variations, making each transport interchange unique from a visual and functional point of view.

The design of the organisation of the buildings and interchange stations provides for the continuous movement of transport modes without a timetable. With this arrangement, passengers will be able to use public transport quickly and conveniently without wasting time waiting.

Become a stakeholder in the world’s most cutting-edge string transport project by the brilliant Belarusian engineer Anatoly Yunitsky.

You can find out more about SkyWay on the official project website, but if you are interested in buying shares, we invite you to register via our affiliate link, through which every participant gains additional bonuses and discounts! Come in and sign up for a free account, registration is non-binding and only takes a few minutes and can bring huge benefits in the future!

Presentations of projects completed to date:

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